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WHY SAVE $100,000 BY AGE 30?

Saving $100,000 by age 30 will put you on track for a middle-class lifestyle.

PROBLEM - ONLY 1 out of 6 adults under 35 has saved $100,000.

CHALLENGES to saving $100,000 by age 30

Student debt, Bay Area prices, Lack of Financial Ability, Not understanding why it is important.

CURRENT SOLUTION - Financial Literacy classes

Studies show that financial literacy classes only moderately raise credit scores and most of what is learned is forgotten.


Teaches smart spending and planning in the form of a game.

It then continues to track and adjust the student's plan to age 30, with 12 years of financial consulting.


It is the ability to pay the least and get the most value, like buying something on sale, but with a lot more thought put into it. The same Smart Spending ability can be used to buy clothes, a phone, a car, a college education or a house.


100by30 PLAN

The game begins with setting lifestyle goals and career goals.

Career goals are getting a low cost college education and getting a high paying job.

Lifestyle goals are buying a car and/or a condo, traveling to Europe, and other entertainment goals.


The game is played in both real time and future time.

In real time it is played by setting goals for the duration of the class and then attempting to meet both lifestyle and career goals until the class ends.

In Future Time is played  in the class from age 18-30 with the student attempting to accomplish their goals. The teacher adds in unexpected events, and the students learn from their mistakes.

The game can then be played again in high school, during college or when they are out of college.


Why I created this game + James Chandler Bio

I truly believe that financial ability is the single most important skill a young person can learn.

I have seen many of my clients struggle to accomplish their financial goals if they lack this skill. In the San Francisco Bay Area, college graduates of any income can find it very hard to save $100,000 by age 30, without financial skills training.

Money mastery can turn someone with an average income into an upper middle-class person.

Lack of money skills can turn a high-income earner into someone that struggles in life.

James Chandler Bio

2001 to present 

Financial Planner 

See my full resume here at Linked-In


Co-Owner of Educational Student Travel company



Many parents will pay thousands of dollars to hire a tutor or give their children lessons in music, sports, or a student trip to Europe or Asia that increase their abilities and enhance their character.

In the 1980s, I was part owner of company called The France Experience (it is no longer in business) that offered educational trips to France for high school students. The inflation adjusted cost of the 3 week trip was over $5,000. You can look at the promotional video for the trip here. 

Part of the video shows testimonials from parents explaining what a good value the trip was. It start just after the video is over at about 29 minutes.

I believe that the LIFETIME VALUE of this 12 year financial game and financial consulting could easily be worth many times that amount.

What is the lifetime VALUE for having your child save $100,000 by age 30?

It can give your child a great start in life, no matter what their grade level is.  If they lack motivation or are struggling in school, this class can be a pathway to success in life.


Parent or School District Next Steps

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If you are a parent or school district and would like to find out more about the class, please fill in the form below or call me at 408-472-7462.

As of September of 2019, I plan to teach the first class. 

I am limiting this class to 50 students.  The first class will be at a location and online, at a location to be determined.

I believe that this class is worth $1,000 at a minimum for 12 years of consulting and game time. For this first class, the price is negotiable.



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