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 Student A learned smart spending, and saved $100,000 by age 30. 

- Only 1 out of 6 millennials have saved $100,000

Student A will have very few financial worries in life.

Student B has not saved any money at age 30

Student C is has a debt of $100,000 at age 30

My name is James Chandler and I am a financial planner with more than 18 years experience with American Express & other companies.

In my new book I explain that the fastest way to learn financial literacy, is to become a smart spender.  I believe that you will learn faster when you spend your own money.

It doesn't  matter what you know about money, it only matters how you spend your money.  

The 2nd thing that I explain in my book is that being an expert at Smart Spending does not depend on what's something costs. 

If you are very good at buying clothes, or a phone, you will be very good at buying a car, a college education or a house.

Learning smart spending is learning by doing, like learning a sport. 

The best way to learn a sport is practice and coaching. 

The form that most of Smart Spending coaching takes is a combination game/class. 

The game/class gives young people the chance to improve their financial ability and quickly become a Smart Spenders. The game/course is similar to a video game, you move up through levels. 

The first level of the game is free. You can enroll here.

The minimum age is 12 with parent's permission.

To start the game you need to buy something that you think is a great example of smart spending. Remember cost is not the issue.

If you're having trouble deciding what to buy, think back to the purchase that you are the most proud of.  What was it that made it such a great purchase?



The average cost to raise a child to age 17, not including college, is $230,000. 

7% or about $16,000 is for non school expenses like tutoring, music lessons, camp, travel, sports equipment and similar character building experiences.

In the 1980s, I was part owner of company called The France Experience (it is no longer in business) that offered educational trips to France for high school students. 

I think that educational travel experiences have the following major benefits.

1 Seeing other cultures and learning more about the world.

2 The benefit of practicing speaking a language in real life situations.

3 The long term benefit of learning to be independent and taking care of yourself.

You can see some examples of these educational travel benefits in a 5 minute video that shows testimonials from the France Experience travel video  here

What is the LIFETIME VALUE for having your child save $100,000 by age 30? 

I believe that learning Smart Spending and being on track to save $100,000 by age 30, will give the average person a secure financial future.

The lifetime value of actually saving $100,000 by age 30, is similar to point number 3 above. It helps a young person become independent and get a good start in life.

Many students are good in certain subjects, but don't discover their career until many years later.  

When your child becomes an expert with their money,  they will have an ability that very few of their peers have.  They will then have the confidence  that they can succeed in life.


Why I created this game + James Chandler Bio


I am a financial planner with over 18 years of experience. I have worked for American Express Financial Advisors which later became Ameriprise. I am now a fee based financial planner, I only make money on education, I don’t sell products. I am not accepting any new adult clients. I also have a CTE teaching credential.


As a financial planner and the father of 2 young adults living in the San Francisco area, I see that most of my children’s friends struggling financially. Even if they move to a low cost state, they could struggle to save $100,000 by age 30, since only 1 out 7 Millenials do.

The graph above  explains how Smart Spending works. It is a process of asking yourself, am I getting the most happiness per dollar spent? Or am I getting something else?  Smart Spending is not about buying cheap things, it is finding your personal balance of cost and happiness.  

I believe that learning to be a money expert is like learning a sport.

In the case of money it is an emotional sport. It is best to learn by doing.

My theory, is that the thinking process that we go through when we buy most things is similar. 

So that if we are very good at buying inexpensive things, we will be very good at buying expensive things. 

There is however more risk in buying more expensive things, because we usually have to finance them. So we need to understand how to evaluate the risk, to keep making smart spending decisions.

So as the cost of buying more expensive things increases, the teaching will increase, but only when the student has proven that they are good at buying inexpensive things. 

The game/course works in a similar way as any video game that has levels.

In this case there are smart spending levels. The classes will be for students at a similar level.

James Chandler Bio

2001 to present 

Financial Planner 

See my full resume here at Linked-In


Co-Owner of Educational Student Travel company


Parent , School or Church Next Steps


A parent or church or school district employee can play a short version of the class-game that lasts several weeks, for free to test it out and see how Smart Spending works. This is not about investing. I am not taking new adult clients.

Depending on your age, smart spending, can make it possible to retire earlier, by spending smarter. 

PLEASE FILL OUT THE FEEDBACK and application form below, to HELP ME IMPROVE 100by30.  Any feedback you can give me would be greatly appreciated. It will only take 2 minutes.

If you are a parent or school district and would like to find out more about the class-game, please fill in the form below or call me at 408-472-7462.

I am limiting this class to 50 students.  The first class will be at a location and online.


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